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Reducing power consumption by limiting Ethernet to 100MBit/s on SBCs running Armbian Buster

Most applications on single board computers (SBCs) running Armbian do not need 1GBit/s Ethernet connections. By limiting the connection speed to 100MBit/s around 150mW of power can be saved up thus reducing CPU temperature by 8 Kelvin from 60°C to 52°C on my idling NanoPi Neo2 ... Read more »

Ethernet on ESP32 using LAN8720

ESP32 LAN8720 Adapter with components

The ESP32 from Espressif features - along with a lot of other cool function blocks - an Ethernet MAC with an RMII-interface. You only have to add an Ethernet PHY, some transformers, a RJ45 connector and a few resistors and capacitors. Espressif have published some code for the TLK110. But ... Read more »

More Programmers for Arduino

Arduino & AVR Dragon logo

Most of the ATMEL programmers I have in my fundus such as the JTAGICE MK2, the JTAGICE3 and the AVR Dragon are not enabled in the Arduino-IDE by default. Especially the AVR-Dragon and its high voltage programming option is very useful when using all the IOs of ATtinys or when ... Read more »

HowTo install KiCad on Mac OS X 10.10

The KiCad Logo

KiCad is a powerful open-source PCB-layout software suite which I prefer over Eagle (despite using Eagle for over a decade). I'm using KiCad now for over a year on a Lubuntu system where the installation is just a easy as typing apt-get install kicad. On Mac OS X 10.10 ... Read more »

Modify FrSky D4R-II for external AD1

FrSky D4R-II receiver

The FrSky D4R-II is a miniature conventional 4-channel or 8-channel CPPM telemetry RC-receiver weighing less then 6 grams. But in contrast to its bigger brother FrSky D8R-XP, only one external analogue value can be applied. This little hack allows both analogue voltages AD1 and AD2 can be supplied externally. Attention ... Read more »

Ablaufsteuerung SVP-2xxx Motorschloss


Um Standard-Haustüren elektrisch öffenbar (Zutrittskontrollsysteme, Kartenleser, Fingerabdruckleser, Hausautomation) und gleichzeitig einigermaßen sicher zu machen, eignen sich selbstverriegelnde Motorschlösser der Dorma SVP-2000 Serie: Der Riegel wird automatisch ausgefahren, sobald die Tür geschlossen wird. Die Falle wird gleichzeitig arretiert. Alternativ kann das Schloss mit einem normalen Zylinderschloss geöffnet werden. In Fluchtrichtung kann ... Read more »